From: E. Borgers ( webeurop@yahoo.fr)
Date: 05 Jun 2007

  A very real case just happened in France.
  A French thriller/crime novel titled CAMINO 999 by Catherine Fradier, recently published (March 2007) by a very small independent firm, got a few days ago (31 May) an official injunction by OPUS DEI, the plaintiff, claiming because of so called "defamatory allegations" about the OP in that book… and because of the use of "Camino 999" as title as this is the way their founder/guru called one of his "spiritual recommendations".
  They ask for 40,000 US doll compensation, plus, plus…
  In fact they arrange the case to bankrupt the publisher (himself an author of noir crime novels: Jean-Jacques Reboux).
  The book indeed speaks of the OPUS DEI, and crime, and of the complicity of OD with General Franco during his rebellion and reign (you know, Franco the Spanish humanist…).
  As usual, the author and the publisher are cited as responsible, together.
  All this for a book published as a novel !
  This case is totally real and is no fantasy, not as it was with the Dan Brown Code, for which OD protested very softly. But they know where the power of money is !
  Maybe Dan Brown could help financially the French publisher, in order to pay for a top lawyer to represent him, or at least by backing up openly the novel, its author and publisher…
  I know, I'm dreaming…
  Fell free to relay the information about CAMINO 999 in the publishing world around you.
  If you read French, you may have a look at Amazon.fr's presentation of the book, at :
  also at this page taking side for the book, and reproducing a just issued public declaration by the publisher and author, at :

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