Re: RARA-AVIS: Anyone's My Name

From: AP McQuiddy (
Date: 20 May 2007

Thanks, Ed --- these sort of insights are valuable bits of info for the HD-Pulp-Noir fan.
  I'm envious, of course, both that you got the book and (more) that you met SS!
  Keep up the good work...and if you're a film fan, buzz me back, and maybe I can provide some films you haven't seen but would like to, eh? ;)
  Best an' all,

Edward Pettit <> wrote:
          Seymour Shubin was at GoodisCon in Philly in January. There was a used book dealer at the Con who had a first edition of Anyone's My Name. I bought it and had the author sign it (and date it, GoodisCon 2007). Very cool. Shubin said that he had no idea he was writing in the noir genre. Years later he was told he was a noir novelist, much to his surprise.


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