RARA-AVIS: Boook Sleuths

From: Willow Arune ( pangarun@telus.net)
Date: 24 Apr 2007

As a book collector, I really get a kick out of the five Janeway titles by John Dunning. John has a rather negative opinion of signed first editions, which comes out in "Sign of the Book". Also as a result, he signs (or did, before his stroke) just about every book! One collector quipped that it was getting difficult to find a first edition that John had not signed, so the unsigned books should have a higher value.

And there is Bernie Rhodenbarr, the burglar of Lawrence Block.

There seem to be a number of other book dealers who are part time detectives, but having samples some I had to pass.

Are there any other book dealer detectives out there? Librarians?


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