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How often are they rewritten?

Hard to say, but one glaring example does come to mind.

Lewis Perdue write THE LINZ TESTAMENT, rewrote his own book later in THE DA VINCI CONSPIRACY and then wrote DAUGHTER OF GOD.

The plot was - or so it appears - rewritten by Dan Brown as THE DA VINCI CODE.

A good article describing the legal battles is from VANITY FAIR:

Or Perdue's Website, for those who want the real goods:

The problem being, take a hundred monkeys and chain them to a computer....

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  Both Grafton's character and the original character are women. Both scenes are at night and Grafton's woman is nude. I do not recall if the other was nude also but might have been. Grafton's character leaps from a retaining wall at a marina and I think the original may have jumped from a pier behind a building. In both cases the suicide by sea comes at the end of the book and closes out the plot.

  I have a really strong sense of having read the same scene with minor changes but can not place it by the time in my life or anything related to a story, although it was probably about sailing.

  And this powerful sense of deja vu leads to a question -- how often are books re-written by other authors? I am not talking about plots in general as there are only so many, but rather specific details. This is the first book that has given me the feeling of having read it before with different names and hair colors. And to be clear, I am NOT accusing Grafton of plagiarism. I am only asking if others recognize similarities which I have been too dense to have picked up previously.

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> A woman diving into the ocean to swim to her death is very similar to
> another mystery by someone other than Grafton.

  Roger Wade in The Long Goodbye

  John Lau

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