Re: RARA-AVIS: looking for a book

Date: 15 Apr 2007

Victoria wrote:

"And this powerful sense of deja vu leads to a question -- how often are books re-written by other authors? I am not talking about plots in general as there are only so many, but rather specific details. This is the first book that has given me the feeling of having read it before with different names and hair colors. And to be clear, I am NOT accusing Grafton of plagiarism. I am only asking if others recognize similarities which I have been too dense to have picked up previously."

Both James Crumley's excellent The Last Kiss (my nomination for best PI novel of his generation) and Timothy Harris's also very good Goodnight and Goodbye (or do I have those words reversed?) are variations on Chandler's Long Goodbye. Of course, Dimitri Gat crossed the line from homage to plagiarism of John D MacDonald in his two Nevsky books.


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