RARA-AVIS: Re: Grindhouse, anybody?

From: vagrantpacific ( pacificvagrant@gmail.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2007

> Tarantino's film, Death Proof, with the missing reel, technical
> glitches, and movie references, gives a lot of lip service about
> being a sendup of a 70's exploitation film, but this is a pure
> Tarantino film. The guy is incapable of making a bad movie even when
> he wants to, and this one's an adrenaline rush. The plot is simpler
> than any previous Tarantino film--basically a revenge film, and the
> ending does capture somewhat a bad 70s exploitation film--but this is
> still a great film.
> --Dave Z.

Tarintino has this gimmick that works really well if you're not paying attention. Uses tons of dialogue and stretches the scene out way longer than what's traditionally accepted, then throws some really graphic violence at the viewer to flip the tone. Rewatch his thin catalogue; it's his one trick. His voices all sound the same and the only stuff he can have his characters talk about is pop/industry related -- he's the Keven Smith of crime movies. The only thing which made R.D. and P.F. different was the amazing work by cinematographer Andrezj Sekula who actually directed those movies, and of course Tarintino took all the credit. I made a movie with Sekula a couple years ago called the Pleasure Drivers and what that dude accomplished with under a million shows yet again how naive and tired all this Tarantino love is.

- adam

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