RARA-AVIS: Re: Vachss's Dead & Gone

From: logan keith (keith) ( keith@globetrotter.net)
Date: 27 Mar 2007

Steve Novaks wrote:
> I was very partial to Vachss for a long time but the last two or three
were very
> poor and Two Trains Running was...well let¹s say completely
derailed...when The
> Getaway Man was,on the contrary, right on track...

Totally agree here. Vachss was one of my few hardcover purchases for many years, but the sameness of the Burke novels eventually blew that. And Two Trains...what a stinker! I went hc for that one and regretted it immensely. I thought maybe getting away from Burke would be a highlight like Getwaway Man...oops.

Those Burke novels were intense, with the protagonist feeding off a burning hatred to keep going. Seemed like a fantasy fulfillment type of scenario for Vachss. It's hard to feed any beast like that for too long, so I guess it's natural that the series lost steam, lost its edge, and lost its flare. Based on FLOOD, the first Burke novel, Vachss could write a slam-bang PI novel. That would, once again, pique my interest. If the man still has his chops.

Keith Logan

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