Re: RARA-AVIS: Hard-Boiled Frenchmen

From: Mark D. Nevins (
Date: 25 Mar 2007

Mark to Jeff:
> "I have read,one short story,by,Leo Malet. I haven't read,any of
> his,novels,yet."
> Unfortunately, the English translations are hard to find, and seem to be
> getting harder. I lucked into three or four of the Pan reprints a few
> years ago, but have not been able to find the others at reasonable
> prices.

There are, of course, some WONDERFUL adaptations of the Nestor Burma stories into comics form by the incomparable Jacques Tardi. These were originally printed in French but several of the titles are available in English. I've never read a Malet novel, but the comics are superb--Tardi does a magnificent job capturing the feel of Paris, especially its architecture, and I am told that Malet heartily approved of the comics adaptations.

Mark Nevins

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