Re: RARA-AVIS: Symbols in "Good Work."

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 25 Mar 2007

Jack wrote: I don't think Hemingway lied. I'm a firm believer in the Freudian aspects of writing. There are not only Freudian slips, there are Freudian puns--my subconscious is far more clever than my conscious mind. I believe in Freudian symbols, even when unintended.

************** Apples and oranges. You're saying that some symbolism is unintended by the writer. The paraphrase of Hemingway doesn't deny that. It was stated that "any symbolism had to be an unplanned coincidence in good writing." There is a difference between saying that some symbolism is unintended and all symbolism in good writing must be unintended.


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