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Date: 17 Mar 2007

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> Back in February 2004, during his generous visit here, Jim Sallis wrote
> abotu Jack O'Connell:
> "Jack has completed the draft of a new novel and hopes to have the
> revisions done by late April. He told me that when he finished it, he
> said to his wife, 'This one's really strange' -- and that she's still
> laughing."
> That was three years ago. Anyone know if this book has been scheduled
> for publication yet? I just realized it's been about years since his
> last book, Word Made Flesh, came out in 1998. I miss Quinsigamond.
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     The last I heard from Jack was a few months ago. The book has been sold so I assume publication is somewhere in the near future.

      Ed Gorman

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