RARA-AVIS: Sidney Sheldon

From: Bludis Jack ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 Mar 2007

Juri Nummelin said:
> I've been recently reading Sidney Sheldon - I'm writing
> an entry
> about him for a reference book -, but found him largely
> unreadable. Very thin and stereotypic character
> descriptions,
> very little actual plot, almost all of the books I read
> were only
> flashbacks on several characters and I lost interest in
> the
> actual story quite early on. His suprise twists have been
> no
> surprises to me, at least in the books I've read.
> I'm now reading his first, THE NAKED FACE, which won the
> Edgar in 1970<

I find that Sheldon's stories move along, easy to read, not very taxing, not literary at all but with sometimes literary pretension. That's what I mean by the guilty pleasure comment I made a few weeks ago.

THE NAKED FACE, I thought, was a pretty good one. It was his first, I think. If his "handlers" had brought it out big after his success with THE OTHER SIED OF MIDNIGHT the way Grisham's people brought out A TIME TO DIE after two best sellers, it would have enhanced his career greatly. But who am I to suggest. I've never sold more than 10,000 of any one book in my life unless I consider the three reprints of an old Midwood title of mine.


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