RARA-AVIS: Recent Finds

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 31 Jan 2007

No one has posted recently about their finds so I thought I would ask about some older PBs I found yesterday in a thrift store for eight cents Canadian each.

Seven Votes for Death - Pat Bannister - Gold Medal Great cover photo of a half-naked woman with the following blurb: The count against Lorig stood at seven votes for death. One woman could save him if she cast the final ballot with her body.

Lie Down, Killer - Richard S. Prather - Gold Medal Not a Shell Scott and described as another tough, tense drama of love, hate and murder. Cover blurb - The first time she double- crossed him, it broke his heart. The next time it was murder.

This Game of Murder - Richard Deming - Priority (UK edition) Cover photo of a woman in a negligee pointing a gun.

And Dream of Evil - Tedd Thomey - Priority That's how you first meet Rennick. Handcuffed to a slot machine and pinned with a murder rap. And the pace never slows up as he bulls his way through a bevy of tough killers, gorgeous blondes and hard- boiled action. Great bell-bottoms on the cover.

The Dame's The Game - Al Fray - Popular Library Conroy's the name...I'm a private detective for joints where the game's always legit - and the customers often aren't. Cover art of Conroy with a gun and a woman in a robe.

Killers At Sea - Alan Joseph - Starbooks (Sydney, Aust.) A novel of violence and robust action. An old man gets murdered for a sack of diamonds and his beautiful niece asks Logan for help. Logan is described as "restless and solitary as the sea itself, deals in action and adventure."

The Great March West - Terrance Dicks - Target (UK) The first book in what is described as "a thrilling adventure series featuring Rob McGregor of the Mounties." Great cover art of a red- coated Mountie fighting an Indian scout inside Fort Whoop-Up.

Thought I would mention the final two books as it's possible that Bill Crider doesn't have these two in his vast collection.

Kent Morgan

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