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Date: 27 Jan 2007

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>John wrote:
>"you actually LIVE in that space [High Tower apartment]?   how cool is
>Very cool. Do the girls still live across the way? Of course, they'd
>probably be in their 50s or 60s by now.

That is, without a doubt, the most frequently asked question about the place. Those girls had quite an impact on the audiences.

Yes, they are still there. And while they are all reaching rather advanced ages, the years of nude yoga, intense brownie baking and precision candlemaking have been kind to them. Their excercise routines still provide quite a distraction up on the hill.

(At least this is what we tell producers when they are wondering where our pages are.)

>"That's someone I love.   You I don't even like."
>I teach a Mass Media & Society class. I sometimes show that scene
>during violence week. Shakes 'em up, still shakes me up. Even with the
>slow build in creepiness, it seems to come out of nowhere, truly

The first time I saw that scene I practically leaped out of the theatre seat. And you are so right. You know something is going to happen. Something bad. And it's still shocking as hell when it does.


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