Re: RARA-AVIS: Movie Marlowe

Date: 25 Jan 2007

I like my Marlowes blank... Perhaps Elliot Gould was too lively, too characterful even, for the role. When imagining the casting of the Derek Raymond Factory series I always wanted Denholm Elliott to play the Sergeant, though Ray Winstone has also been touted. I think Denholm would have made a great Marlowe too. I suspect he's a character most of us will identify so strongly with that any casting will jar with our internal Marlowe (there's a new school of psychiatry and therapy for you, the Chandler therapy, walk down your own mean streets etc). My Marlowe is blankish (so Clive's alright for me) and certainly Anglo-American if not plain British, ditto. No current screen actor really springs to mind... What about Nick Cave though, he's pretty darned rumpled. Hey ho.
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