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From: Patrick King (
Date: 20 Jan 2007

I think you could argue that Lolita is the greatest noir novel of all time. Both the plot and the writing style are perfect. Humbert is the ultimate Cain anti-hero. Yes, I'd say you're right.

Patrick King
--- Juri Nummelin <> wrote:

> There sure are Lolita copies in the fifties and
> sixties
> paperbacks. I don't know if it has any intention to
> be so, but
> Jonathan Craig's SO YOUNG, SO WICKED (GM 1957) is a
> spin on the
> Lolita theme: the 15-year old nymphette seduces the
> hired gun so
> that he won't kill her. (Does it actually precede
> Nabokov's book?
> Was that from 1959? So, maybe Nabokov read some of
> the earlier
> nymphette noirs?)
> I think the case could be made that Nabokov's book
> is noir. It's
> about a man whose behaviour dooms him from the
> beginning. And
> there's a crime, even a murder in it.
> Juri

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