RARA-AVIS: The Wheelman and The Blonde

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 16 Jan 2007

SPOILER ALERT (on both of the above, but especially the former) SPOILER ALERT

A while ago, Duane, author of the above, wrote:

"I'm also glad you think the book is different in tone from its predecessor. I don't want to be producing clone after clone. (Though lately I have been itching to do a WHEELMAN sequel...)"

When I first read this, I asked myself, who's left for a sequel of The Wheelman? Then, I ran across this about Kowalski, a relatively minor character who becomes a major one in The Blonde:

SPOILER ALERT (about Wheelman)

"While faking his way through the bullshit paperwork, Kowalski noticed a pair of wanted posters on the wall. One showed a crooked ex-cop believed to be on the run with his almost brother-in-law. Small world. Kowalski wished he could tell the FBI the truth, save them the worry. Say that the crooked ex-cop was buried under thousands of pounds of concrete in Cambden, New Jersey. Kowalski should know. He was the one who dumped him down that drainage pipe.

"His almost brother-in-law, however, was another matter altogether. Kowalski had wanted to leave him for dead, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He had been a part of Katie. A half brother. But still a part of her. Most likely the only part left.

"So maybe Kowalski wasn't a monster after all. A monster would have let the guy die."

The last we heard of the brother-in-law in Wheelman, he was underneath the ex-cop in that drainage pipe. Kowalski had left him to die. So Kowalski went back and saved him before starting his vendetta, which opens The Blonde? Guess that's how a sequel is possible.

By the way, really enjoyed The Blonde.


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