Re: RE : RARA-AVIS: Bukowski

Date: 03 Jan 2007

I was just looking for the book of Henry Chinaski's early years, to recommend it. Ham on Rye, correct? I see someone has stolen my copy or failed to return it--maddening! I've been a fan of Bukowski for 15 years or more. I read all the prose he had written at the time all at once. It was like having an interesting drunk around the house. I got so used to having him there, that I really felt a loss, like he moved out, when I finished reading everything. Then I read the rest one by one as more came out, but I felt like we were broken up and never got back together. I had planned to do one of those surprise visits, turn up on his porch with a bottle of cheap wine, but even though he outlived my expectations, I never made it. I know he got tired of people turning up and changed to expensive wine after Barfly. I loved the film Factotum. It's real and touching. However, people who know me might say I just like drunks. Vicki

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