Re: Fwd: RARA-AVIS: George's Charles Williams and Lionel White

Date: 20 Dec 2006


You mention that the director, Cornfield, and Brando argued over the ending of Night of the Following Day. Did either of their endings correspond to the one in White's book? And is there anything in that book to link it to surrealism? I haven't read The Snatchers, but based on the couple of White novels I have read, I can't imagine any connection, quite the opposite.

And what were those two doing making a French film? (Is it in French or English?) Then again, Sam Fuller made the truly awful Goodis adaptation, Street of No Return, in Germany, didn't he? I saw it on DVD at Tower's Going Out of Business sale and still passed on it at 70% off. I did pick up The Grissom Gang, Aldrich's adaptation of No Orchids for Miss Blandish, and two of the three Maiku Hama movies (unfortunately, they didn't have the first and I'm anal about watching things in order, so I'll have wait to watch them until after I order the one I'm missing).

By the way, Richard, there's a big Magritte exhibition in LA. Unfortunately, it's not traveling; I'd like to see it if it came anywhere near DC. But here's the web info if you'd like to see what some of his paintings look like:


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