Re: Fwd: RARA-AVIS: George's Charles Williams and Lionel White

From: Jacques Debierue (
Date: 20 Dec 2006

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> Richard,
> You mention that the director, Cornfield, and Brando argued over the
> ending of Night of the Following Day. Did either of their endings
> correspond to the one in White's book? And is there anything in that
> book to link it to surrealism? I haven't read The Snatchers, but based
> on the couple of White novels I have read, I can't imagine any
> connection, quite the opposite.
> And what were those two doing making a French film? (Is it in French or
> English?) Then again, Sam Fuller made the truly awful Goodis
> adaptation, Street of No Return, in Germany, didn't he? I saw it on DVD
> at Tower's Going Out of Business sale and still passed on it at 70% off.
> I did pick up The Grissom Gang, Aldrich's adaptation of No Orchids for
> Miss Blandish, and two of the three Maiku Hama movies (unfortunately,
> they didn't have the first and I'm anal about watching things in order,
> so I'll have wait to watch them until after I order the one I'm
> missing).

Mark, Night of the Following Day is an excellent noir film, with a fine performance by Brando. I highly recommend it.



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