Re: RARA-AVIS: Casino Royale

From: jimdohertyjr (
Date: 10 Dec 2006


Re your comments below:

> you're preaching to the choir here. but sadly, movie studio
decisions are
> driven by marketing departments, and those people believe that
making a story
> period limits its mass appeal. and if the Bond movie franchise is
> anything, it is about mass appeal

Good points, but, except for the three screenplay novelizations he did during his run with the character, Benson wasn't dealing with EON, but with the Fleming literary estate. It was the Fleming estate that insisted that, in the original novels Benson wrote, Bond must remain a contemporary figure.

Interestingly, since Benson left the series, the Fleming estate has contracted with a writer named Charlie Higson to write a series of YA novels about Bond as a high school student ("The name's Potter. Harry Potter.") These are set in the late '30's, and put Bond on track to become the WW2 veteran and '50's/'60's Cold Warrior he was in Fleming's novels.


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