Re: RARA-AVIS: Pelecanos, The Night Gardener

From: bobav1 ( rav7@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Date: 12 Aug 2006

Hi Brian:

"Brian Thornton" <tieresias@...> wrote:
> Point of order regarding "Test of Time": that was Doherty taking one
thing I said in the course of a looooong discussion on Spillane . . .
Apologies for the tweak. I've been on Rara-Avis for 7 or 8 years, and I used to groan, but now cheer, when Doherty school is in session.
"Test of time" was a good new one.
> And I don't claim any objectivity where Pelecanos is concerned. I
don't like his work, test of time, or not.

That's why I said you shouldn't read it. Life's too short for us to annoy ourselves. As for your critical method (which I think I follow - you do go on a bit), hey, it works fine for you, but I'm less interested in fault-finding. If I like 'em, I like 'em.

> I'm not suggesting anyone change their opinion based on my
experience, merely offering mine as yet another one to help complete a picture of the writing of that author.

Me too. I apologize for suggesting that Pelecanos detractors try the new one. Pelecanos detractors should not try the new one.

> I guess I'm just not much for love-fests.

Well, ok then. But my initial post was inspired by an unusual book reading and book release date party in a bar, a pretty good setting for a love-fest. I guess I'm just into love-fests.

Too nice a day to be in front of the computer,

Bob V in NYC

PS: Miker - to prove I'm balanced, the Pelecanos you've got lined up, Down by the River . . . is probably his weakest. Generally speaking, later is better.

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