RARA-AVIS: Gil Brewer and free books

From: George Tuttle ( noirfiction@whoever.com)
Date: 12 Aug 2006

Gil Brewer is back in print. Stark House Press will release two Brewer noirs, Wild to Possess and A Taste for Sin, in a single, double book edition (see http://www.starkhousepress.com/brewer.html ) in September. To promote this new edition, I have an offer: order a copy of Wild to Possess/A Taste for Sin and I will send you another Stark House book free. I have promotional copies of Day Keene's Framed in Guilt/My Flesh is Sweet, Vin Packer's Whisper His Sin/The Evil Friendship, and Doublas Sanderson's The Deadly Dames/A Dum-Dum for the President.

The steps: 1 - E-mail me off list at noirfiction@whoever.com so I can hold a copy for you (I only have one of each, sorry.) 2 - Order your copy of Wild to Possess/A Taste for Sin from Stark House Books 3 - E-mail me that your order is placed and I will ship your free book. Like Stark House, I also ship internationally.

Related news, there is a new Gil Brewer website put together by the estate of the late author: gilbrewer.com. I saw a couple errors on the bibliography, and I will e-mail them about it. But it promises to add a gallery and that should be neat. The main thing is that it provides contact information for perspective publishers and movie makers.

Speaking of Gil Brewer websites, there is mine that links off of my noirfiction.info site. I'm still working on that comprehensive bibliography.

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