RARA-AVIS: Re: Recent viewings

From: Vince Keenan ( vpkeenan@hotmail.com)
Date: 11 Aug 2006

>if you run across a B movie called "Killer Bait", grab it. It is superb

It is indeed. It's available on video under that title and "Too Late For Tears." It features Dan Duryea and Lizabeth Scott at their best, and a terrific script by Roy Huggins, the TV genius behind The Fugitive, Maverick and The Rockford Files.

Even better news: earlier this summer I was at an event sponsored by the Film Noir Foundation, and FNF president Eddie Muller announced that a brand new print of "Killer Bait" had been discovered, which means a decent DVD may soon be in the offing. I have a copy of the movie under each title, and neither one looks all that good.

I'll second the endorsements for Siodmak and Melville. In fact, I'll be seeing Melville's WWII Resistance drama -- "Army of Shadows" -- this weekend.

Vince Keenan

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