RARA-AVIS: Call for Submissions: Postmodern Pulp

From: Frederick Zackel ( fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 19 Feb 2006

(After this most recent discussion of "whither the PI", I suspect that us rara-avians are the ones most interested in this lovely offer from our buddy Anthony Neil Smith, master publisher of Plots without Guns, and The Mississippi Review.)

October 2006: Postmodern Pulp Edited by Anthony Neil Smith

Call for Submissions: Fiction, Max 2000 words

So who are the pulp writers in the postmodern world, since we no longer have the cheaply produced tabloids or the throwaway dime novels? They've raised the stakes, learned to twist and flip genre expectations until they've produced real art. Sin City, in using the genre, has found deeper waters to swim in. It's intentionally over the top serio-comic literature beyond absurd, but still shadowing conventional humanist literary concerns. It deconstructs our fascination with the criminal, the cheat, the femme fatale, the average joe who's in over his head. It exploits our exploitations.

Chandler, Hammett, and Cain became literary over the decades the way wine ages. They had to ferment, let the culture catch up with them. Some of the pulp kings of the fifties like Goodis and Thompson are shaping up nicely like scotch in an old oak barrel. But we live in different times and create art in different ways. Postmodern, Cyberpunk, Parody, Pastiche, Dogma 95, Digital, Indie. What does pulp look like when you try it through those different lenses? What can you keep, what do you lose, and what does it pick up along the way? Pulp is supposed to be titillating, shocking. Unexpected. So today's pulp writer is outside of the mainstream, throwing rocks at the windows on both the genre and the literary. A real fucking maverick.

For the Post-Pulp issue of Mississippi, we want you to use pulp to make something new, something that smashes our expectations by toying with them. Don't let us catch you smiling or winking while you do it, either. Pulp is serious candy. We want crime fiction that's out of focus or has coffee spilled all over it. Apply the new tricks of the literary game to refresh the genre, make it jump context. As Richard S. Prather once put it, "Dig that crazy grave!"

KEY DATES FOR THE POSTMODERN PULP ISSUE No submissions until July 1, 2006 Submissions end: Sept 15, 2006 Issue publication: October 1, 2006 Submissions to Anthony Neil Smith after July 1, 2006.

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