From: Jack Quick ( jquick5342@yahoo.com)
Date: 17 Jan 2006

Jeff Lindsay wrote

I got a job to review Jeff Lindsay's DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER. I've only skimmed some pages of it and haven't done any background research, but wanted to hear if Rara-avians have anything to say about it - is it noir or hardboiled at all? And if it is, was it any good?


Noir - No Hardboiled Yes Any Good? very much so. Dexter is a serial killer who only takes out people who deserve to die. You would not think it possible to "admire" a serial killer but Lindsay's succeeds. His second book was not as good, although that may be because the novelty was gone. Here is my review of his second book posted last year on bookbitch.com

DEARLY DEVOTED DEXTER by Jeff Lindsay: You have to give credit to an author who can make you feel sympathetic towards the plight of a stone cold serial killer who has to "act" human because he has none of the normal range of emotions. In Dexter's second outing he helps sister Deborah and the Miami police deal with a South American monster who is now loose in their area. In the meantime he pursues his own hobby of providing permanent solutions to child molesters. Actually, Lindsay doesn't really portray Dexter in a sympathetic fashion, but more in the sense of an unemotional occurrence, like a thunderstorm or avalanche. Dexter just happens and while the results aren't pretty you can't really blame him, just as you couldn't blame an errant gust of wind. In the meantime, the police procedural written around Dexter is as good as any. 08/05 ~This review contributed by Jack Quick.

Alabama Jack

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