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Date: 10 Oct 2005

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> Although I don't think it quite pulled off the weighty social commentary
> it seemed to shoot for (pun intended, of course), I really enjoyed the
> movie, A History of Violence.  In fact, I thought it was better than the
> graphic novel it was based upon.
> I re-read the book a week or so before seeing the movie.  I enjoyed it,
> as I had when I read it when it first came out, and thought it would
> make a great movie.  I like Cronenberg and looked forward to seeing what
> he'd do with a more naturalistic/realistic story (no bugs).
> The film made some interesting changes.  The first half was roughly the
> same as the book's first third, although it went deeper into character
> and the effect of the violence and its aftermath upon them, especially
> the son, who really wasn't much more than a child to be protected in the
> book.  I was especially impressed with Maria Bello's expanded role as
> the wife finding out she may not know her longtime husband nearly as
> well as she thought.
> The movie pretty much jettisoned the second, flashback, third of the
> book, only hinting at a very different backstory, with relatively
> innocent characters becoming far less pure.  The second half of the
> movie was almost entirely different.  This is the section that tries to
> raise some big questions about viewers finding violence cathartic and
> whether or not people (especially once bad people) can be redeemed or
> whether we ultimately revert to our "true" characters.  As I said, I
> don't feel the film quite carries off the weighty ideas it raises (the
> later violence isn't quite as hard to cheer as they seem to intend it to
> be), but I give it big points for raising them.  More importantly, the
> message never gets in the way of a good story.
> Mark
> ps -- also interesting that they change the gangsters names from being
> Italian, and they're from Philadelphia, not Brooklyn.

I saw it and both the director and screenwriter who adapted the graphic novel spoke after

I too thought it was an improvement over the graphic novel, which seemed a bit familiar to me. the switch to Irish gangsters helped. Cronenberg the director said it was due to getting Ed Harris cast. he played Irish more convincingly than Italian

thought the first act of the movie was just marking time however. the last act was where the big improvement took place

my 2 cents

John Lau

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