Re: RARA-AVIS: Bruen and the Tinkers

Date: 19 Mar 2005

Al wrote:

"Never fear. This is my last post on this topic, although if you'd like to continue the discussion off-list, I'd be more than happy. I'm afraid I'm boring everybody else now."

Not me. I'm also finding the discussion very interesting.

"By that logic, if you read some more violent books, and watch a few movies (try ICHY THE KILLER: I almost didn't make it through the skewering scene . . ."

Yeah. That and the tongue scene were pretty rough.

". . . you'll get inured to the level of violence you're currently uncomfortable with, and then it in turn will be acceptable. Problem solved. A friend of mine who was studying film had to do this to get through the course."

You really think that works? To a degree, sure, but I've seen a lot of violent movies and read a lot of violent books and some things still get to me. Like Karin, I'm particularly sensitive to abused mouths. For instance, no matter how many times I see it, the curb scene in American History X will make me cringe. Then again, I don't think I've ever really seen it all, as I immediately turn away. I've just started your latest book and the baseball bats to the teeth by Cooper and Tina (well, to the jaw) got to me more than the swings to other parts of the body. This is not to say either was inessential (or especially explicit). The first draws the line between Cooper and the second establishes Tina's toughness.

In another wy, the final scene in Requiem for a Dream really got to me, made me physically queasy. However, the cut, r-rated version does not work nearly as well.

Similarly, hospital scenes get to me, always will. They just push a button in me.

So while I do think exposure can temper reaction a bit, it cannot completely override a person's buttons.

Finally, while a very explicit, graphic movie scene-- say the one in Ichi where he skewers the guy's cheek and chin -- can get to me, it does not get to me nearly as much as far less explicit footage of something I know to be real. They're both just projected light and shadow, but my mind supplies very different contexts.


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