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From: Jesse Willis (
Date: 06 Jul 2004

I agree, most extra features are little more than filler. I don't care how they made the movie and considering that most such features are all about that they are, for me, a complete waste of time.

But there are a few bonus extras I really do like. And they keep me hopeful. For example:

The ability to play Momento in chronological order (on the special edition Momento DVD) is pretty cool.

The PBS interview with Robin Williams on the One Hour Photo DVD is a solid extra.

The 2 disc Gangs Of New York DVD comes with a History Channel documentary about the real gangs of New York.


--- David Moran <> wrote:
> I've yet to see any pre-1965 movie that has anything
> really remarkable in the
> extras department. Which is just as well, I think.
> In my opinion, 99% of the
> extra stuff bundled with DVDs is a complete waste of
> time. I got Nick Ray's "In a
> Lonely Place" not too long ago...and there was a
> mini-homage-documentary-thing in
> which Curtis Hanson (director of L.A. Confidential)
> talked about his love for the
> movie. Nice what?
> For my money, as long as the movie has a good, crisp
> transfer and good audio, that
> trumps just about any random crap (e.g. production
> stills, silly quizzes, original
> theatrical trailers) they might dig up to add as
> extra features.
> David Moran

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