RARA-AVIS: Re: Sallis

From: Marianne Macdonald ( marianne.macdonald@lineone.net)
Date: 08 Jun 2004

70s was also my guess. I'm sure you're right.

As for the advice about reading in order - this may be easier said than done in the UK. Might have to go down to Murder One's second hand section? Or find my old British Library card? And I'm afraid that one of the things that grabbed me was the whole business of the literary/aesthetic references. I fear that Sallis and I had the same kind of postgraduate training.

And the 2000-calorie sandwich - no surprise there. Thanks, everyone.

Marianne Macdonald

On Tuesday, June 8, 2004, at 08:00 am, RARA-AVIS Digest wrote:

> "Bluebottle" should be the early 70s I think. However beware, as all
> along the series Sallis mixes remembrances and facts originated in
> previous periods of Griffin's life, and as you may have noticed it, the
> story does not have a linear flow, far from it.
> On top of everything Sallis put here and there clues or fuzzed facts
> that could be (IMHO) decoded as a postmodern spiel about narrator,
> writer and fiction.

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