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Date: 07 Jun 2004


Re your message below:

> I don't recall whether this has been mentioned on
> this list before but one
> of the final Five Star short story collections was
> Stephen Marlowe, Drum
> Beat, The Chester Drum Casebook. Waterville, ME:
> Five Star, 2003.

In addition to several Chet Drum short stories, CASEBOOK also includes the 17th novel from the series
(or 16th, depending on whether or not you count DOUBLE IN TROUBLE), DRUM BEAT - DOMINIQUE.

As an aside, the page Bill Denton linked to has a message from Marlowe himself stating that, to the best of his memory, all entries in the Drum series were set, at least partly, in some other country.

Actually, two were set entirely in the United States. The short story "The Terrorists" (from the mid '50's; it may be the very first short story in the series) is set entirely in DC, and his aforementioned collaborative cross-over with Richard Prather, DOUBLE IN TROUBLE (which also featured Shell Scott), is also set entirely in the States, though it crosses back and forth from coast-to-coast several times.

Marlowe may not be counting those, however, since one is a short story, and the other was not a solo Drum novel. Every one of the novels featuring Drum on his own is set (or at least a significant portion is set) outside of the US.



Thanks to everyone who wrote, on-list and off, expressing condolences over the loss of my Dad.

I know it's not really what Rara-Avis is for, but in times of grief we turn to friends, and I regard you as my friends.


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