RARA-AVIS: Adrian McKinty 'Dead I Well May Be'

From: wvr ( wvr12@yahoo.com)
Date: 19 May 2004

Hello All, I Picked this up a couple days ago and am really enjoying it. I was wondering if anyone else has read this one. If not, I would recommend it. (for whatever that's worth) The narrator of this rather bleak tale is Michael Forsythe, a wise beyond his years 19 year old Irish immigrant who comes to early 1990's 'pre-Guilianni'
(sp?) New York to join a rather dodgy crew of criminals after basically getting the boot from Ireland after getting caught for 'doubling up on the dole'. At the risk of getting involved in definitions, I'd say this is a hard boiled look at New York, particularly Harlem in the early 90's. It is at times funny, tragic and horrific, but through it all Michael remains, for me at least, oddly likeable. I am not a reviewer by any stretch but I have been given many great titles to sample from this list and thought I could maybe give one back to someone out there who may have missed this title. Thanks to all for your recommendations over the years, now it's back to chipping away at my mountainous TBR pile from lurkerdom. Best, Will

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