Re: RARA-AVIS: Mike Hammer's strength and heroism

From: David Moran (
Date: 17 May 2004

Yeah, Spillane did hate the movie. And I totally agree with you that I'd watch Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer ten times before I'd pick up a Spillane novel. The movie is just so freaking good.

David Moran

Mark Sullivan wrote:

> David wrote:
> "One of my favorite noir movies is Robert Aldrich's "Kiss Me Deadly" for
> precisely that reason. It takes the essential qualities and magnifies
> them tremendously so you can see Hammer for what, at heart, he really
> is, a cold, vain, mean-spirited thug. That being said, it's awful fun to
> watch him behave that way."
> For me, this movie was much more fun than the books. Didn't Spillane
> hate this adaptation for pretty much the same reasons we like it,
> because he is clearly not a hero? I agree with those who have labeled
> Hammer a thug, but I don't think Spillane would. I think he intends
> him, and his thuggish behavior, to be viewed as heroic.
> Mark

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