Re: RARA-AVIS: Ripley

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 24 Apr 2004

rachel jones wrote:

I didn't buy Matt Damon as Ripley at all, although I'm interested to see what Malkovich does with the character.

****************** I liked the one with Matt Damon as Ripley a lot more than Malkovich. I'd credit the screenplay for this. Damon had dialogue that stunningly por- trayed Ripley's ability to improvise amazing lies that got him out of the tightest situations. There were some other parts that I liked too. The subtle homosexual theme was well-done. I'm not sure if that is a part of Highsmith's book, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

The Malkovich Ripley wasn't bad, really, but his manipulative genius was less impressive. The Malkovich Ripley also seemed to have a set of morals way down deep inside. Damon's character wasn't bothered by any such inconvenience. I liked that. Damon's character came across as a much better psychopath. Of course, this is all colored by the fact that I haven't read anything by Highsmith. My appreciation of a movie is almost always lower if I've read the book first.


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