RARA-AVIS: Jim Sallis

From: JIM DOHERTY ( jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com)
Date: 29 Feb 2004

Mr. Sallis,

I would also like to thank you for being here this month, and providing us with so much feedback about your novels, as well as about other authors you admire.

I have a question, before you leave, about eh Grave Digger/Coffin Ed series.

I've heard that the creation of the characters was an after-thought, that Himes had not intended to include police characters in his first Harlem crime novel, but the SERIE NOIR editor (was it still Duhamel, at that point?) told him that you can't have a policier without police. It's for this reason that the characters don't show up until comparatively late in the proceedings in A RAGE IN HARLEM.

However, I've also heard that the characters were based on a pair of real-life cops Himes had become acquainted with during his travels. Of course, these are not mutually exclusive conditions. Duhamel could have suggested including police detectives and Himes could have decided to base them on the real-life figures with whom he was familiar.

Finally, I've heard it suggested that Himes's Harlem is based less on the NYC's real-life Harlem than on Clevelands's "Roaring Third" neighborhood, where Himes actually lived for a longer time than he did in Harlem. Any comments on this suggestion.

Thanks again.


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