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From: Michael Robison (
Date: 12 Feb 2004

Jim Beaver wrote: Laying aside the opposition some may have to the notion of adapting stories to the screen, I would like to know what stories or novels of years past members of this group think should have been filmed or would make good movies now. In particular I'm thinking of more obscure properties that might likely be available for option rather than the latest John Grisham.

*********** I took a quick look at the bookshelf last night and came up with MOONY'S ROAD TO HELL, IGUANA LOVE, and GOD IS A BULLET. But probably the number one ready-for-the-silver-screen is Terrill Lankford's SHOOTERS. It's got it all. Hot, steamy sex, a shadowy past, seedy characters, hip Hollywood parties, and a tense, desperate struggle against a frame-up. Written by a talented and experienced Hollywood screenwriter, what else would you expect?

I am sorry about your wife, Jim. My thoughts are with you and her.


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