From: Chris Martin (
Date: 23 Jan 2004

I wrote:
>>The Light of Day by Graham Swift: I was disappointed with this one, which
>>is not at all hard boiled, but is about a private eye.... >

I wrote that quickly and poorly. My dissapointment had nothing to do with the book not being hard boiled, though that could be easy to miss by my bad writing. I just wanted to offer a heads up to our more hardcore listees.

Thanks for your comments on the book, Kevin. The Maltese Falcon comparison is definitely something to consider. I do enjoy books with that smoky/dreamy/ethereal feel, which The Light of Day has in spades. (Possible spoiler ahead) I just kept waiting for the twist at the end that would make me want to re-read the whole thing right away. Your comments, of course, explain one reason as to why there was no such twist.

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