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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 07 Jan 2004

Most TWILIGHT ZONEs weren't very good; most of the better ones were written by Charles Beaumont and to a lesser extent by Matheson, but if one comes upon them as an adult, as you did, Mike, with "Steel," they don't hold up very well. Serling's tended to be particularly ham-handed...even if he wasn't interested in hammering his points with a wrecking ball, he just wrote too damned many too fast (as the recently repeated PBS AMERICAN MASTERS episode about Serling noted).

But, man, yes, Matheson is one of the great explorers of paranoia in fiction...there's a story in one of the later HITCHCOCK PRESENTS anthologies I need to look up again, about a serial disruptor of small towns, that I need to find and read again after decades. Notable to me, as well, is how BID TIME RETURN has gotten him a sizable romance-fiction readership, much of which also gravitate toward WHAT DREAMS MAY COME...since he's also one of the several CF writers who have also written some notable western fiction over the last several decades, he's one of the most diversely-read writers of our time, I suspect. Certainly he's all over the chainstore bookshelves, in terms of his books, when they're available, are in several pigeonhole cases. Some day I'll have to reacquaint myself with how his first story, the notable borderline-horror vignette "Born of Man and Woman," found its way to THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION.


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