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Date: 07 Jan 2004


You're talking about "The Distributor"? That was indeed a great read. It was the first Matheson piece I've ever read and was quite a deliciously wicked tale. Unlike "I am Legend," whose strength, at least for me, relies on how he tries to come up with explanations for vampirism, "The Distributor" is left rather enigmatic. These two, along with his boy-obsessed-with-Dracula short story "Drink my Blood" and "The Holiday Man," are what I've read so far from his writings, but they've all been quite satisfying, especially how he ends them.


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> But, man, yes, Matheson is one of the great explorers of paranoia in
> fiction...there's a story in one of the later HITCHCOCK PRESENTS
> I need to look up again, about a serial disruptor of small towns, that I
> need to find and read again after decades. Notable to me, as well, is how

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