From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 05 Dec 2003

Bill wrote:

"If you have a copy of the first paperback printing or the movie edition paperback, you might want to consider selling it on eBay after you read it, as it brings a pretty good price."

Really? I just pulled it out. It appears to be a first paperback edition from Pyramid. However, it's kind of worn, the bottom of spine ripped and taped. Still, I got it for whatever was the minimum paperback price in the used bookstore where I found it years ago -- 50-75 cents.

The cover copy says:

The most powerful novel of the world of teen-age gangs since 'The Amboy Dukes'
"A brutal and terrifying book, a deeply siginificant work of art" -- The Cleveland Plain Dealer (ain't it slick how they stuck the two lines together so it looks like it's all from a review and the first one isn't just ad copy?)

Of course, this raised another question for me, is The Amboy Dukes any good? Will it take me on a journey to the center of my mind?


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