From: Douglas Greene ( dgreene@odu.edu)
Date: 25 Nov 2003


You shouldn't "put down" the books your Wit's End Publishing is involved in. You did a fine job with Willford's The Second Half of the Double Feature -- both in the quality of the contents and in the design.

Thanks for your kind words about Carol Heyer's brushwork for some of our covers. Carol does what some people call "heightened realism" -- marvelous, glowing detail. Tom Roberts, who has designed the covers for most of our pulp-related books, has a similar style.

Juha can design almost anything. He cleverly contacted Crippen & Landru by doing mock-ups of covers for 2 of our forthcoming books. (Most artists simply direct us to a website with their portfolio, but Juha aimed his approach directly toward what we were doing). We loved his ideas for Liza Cody's Lucky Dip. He has also designed the cover for Pronzini/Malzberg, Problems Solved, and the just-published volume 10 of our Lost Classics series -- Bill DeAndrea's Murder -- All Kinds, with an eyecatching illustration that jumps out of the cover at the reader (and, we hope, prospective purchaser). It is now on the homepage of our website

In short, Juha is good! And we're lucky that he found C&L.


Douglas G. Greene Professor of History Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA 23529-0091 Phone 757 683-3949

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