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From: Douglas Greene ( dgreene@odu.edu)
Date: 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for all the postings complimenting Crippen & Landru's short story collections. You are all being very kind.

C&L's belief has always been the the short story is the purest form of the mystery/detection/crime tale and for ten years we have been preserving such tales in book form--ranging rrom the cozy to the hardest-boiled noir. In the latter category, we have published early tales by Lawrence Block, and pul stories by Craig Rice, William Campbell, Raoul Whitfield, and Hugh Cave
-- who at 93 1/2 is still an active writer (our 2 Cave volumes -- one of his Black Mask stories, the other of his work for Detective Fiction Weekly
-- are of great pride to us--and we're already beginning plans for a volume celebrating Hugh's 95th birthday.)

To comment on some authors/titles mentioned on this list:

Clark Howard: A superb writer. We were very pleaseed to publish a collection of the stories that he chose as his best, CHALLENGE THE WIDOW-MAKER, but the Five Star collection, CROWDED LIVES, is also filled with great writing.

(Incidentally, Five Star is going out of the short-story collection businesss . . .; unfortunately, for they published some great material.)

Charles B. Child--His THE SLEUTH OF BAGHDAD is the 3d in our "Lost Classics" series and a book I long wanted to do. Timely now, of course, but above all wonderful detection and evocation of time and place.

Gerald Kersh-- His KARMESIN is a collection of the most imaginative (and extravagant) crook stories ever written, and a book that some publisher should have issued years ago.

Liza Cody -- the purest "female noir" we have published. LUCKY DIP is an absolutely stunning collection fo stories, though "I says it as shouldn't." See especially, "Woke Up This Morning," written for this volume.

Soooo. . . post nice comments on Amazon.com about our books; have your public or unviersity libraries buy copies; help our cashflow.

But whatever you do, thanks for all the nice words. We don't make money with C&L and pleasing fans is our main reward.

Our website is www.crippenlandru.com


Douglas G. Greene Professor of History Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA 23529-0091 Phone 757 683-3949

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