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From: Marijane Meaker (
Date: 11 Oct 2003

Thanks a lot, Mark. I wish the Fell series had gone over more with kids. I loved writing it and wantd to do another but sales didn't justify it.

Mark Sullivan <> wrote:

> I picked up your Book of Fell today. I read the first chapter while
> standing in line. I must say you can really turn a phrase. For
> instance:
> "In between that party up at Adieu and her Senior Prom, we fell in love,
> blown away by the kind of passion that made Dante write about Beatrice,
> Tristam hunger for Isolde, and my father's last client dog the steps of
> his young, unfaithful wife, who sneaked off to roadhouses where the
> jukebox roared and men drank beer from the neck of the bottle."
> You also manage to capture character very concisely -- the descriptions
> of Fell's father and Keats's mother were both beautifully done. I'm
> looking forward to the rest of the book.

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