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Date: 08 Sep 2003

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 - --- Moorich2@aol.com wrote:
> It is a first person private eye story featuring Guthrie Lamb
> who carries a
> .45 in a shoulder holster and drives around New York City in a
> 1942 Ford with
> 1948 engine. He likes to drink milk.
 This milk-drinking detective sounds vaguely familiar to me. I
 mean it's been spoofed before, sure, but I remember it from a
 b&w movie of more serious intent. Was this Guthrie Lamb PI put
 on the silver screen?
 Might Kevin have it on his PI pages at THRILLING DETECTIVE? I
 ran a quick scan, didn't spot anything.
 Ed Lynskey >>

Here's a likely candidate. Daniel Mainwaring, under his Geoffrey Homes by-line, wrote an excellent series about the milk-drinking Humphrey Campbell. These novels were fast and funny with titles like NO HANDS ON THE CLOCK (1939) and FINDERS KEEPERS (1940). An adaptation to the the screen would not surprise me but I can't verify that now and don't have time to research it this morning. Mainwaring, of course, did co-author the script for the classic "Out of the Past" from his novel BUILD MY GALLOWS HIGH.

Richard Moore

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