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Date: 21 Aug 2003

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> [The '40s "Big Sleep" movie] was true to the spirit of the book, if not the absolute letter.

Like "To Have and Have Not," another film made by the same team -- Howard Hawks (director), Faulkner & Furthman & Brackett (screenwriters) -- "The Big Sleep" is much more comic in nature than the novel on which it's based.

To borrow somebody else's description, the novel ends with "Marlowe brood[ing] on death -- 'the big sleep' -- and Mona, who helped him to avoid it."

And how does the film end? With the promise of a clinch between Bogart and Bacall, Bacall smirking knowingly after her snappy comeback, the rising 'cello phrase of Max Steiner's marvelous score as it blends with the sound of a police siren, and a shot of two cigarettes in the same ashtray.

> Film and prose are different mediums. Sometimes changes are necessary to telscope action, to make the piece more visual, etc.

It's a matter of complex translation to say who pulled the trigger?


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