From: Chris Schneider ( chrisaschneider@earthlink.net)
Date: 23 Jun 2003

> From: Ed Lynskey < e_lynskey@yahoo.com>
> Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003
>"[...] Thanks, miker. This Behm's work sounds interesting.
> BTW, what was the publication date? Is he a contemporary of Woolrich?


According to at least one source, Behn was born in 1925.

Two others list "1980" as the novel's date.

I always thought of Behm's visibility as beginning with his co-writing credits on the movies "Charade' (1963) and "Help!" (1965). What would that be, one generation after Woolrich? Three?

Alas, I haven't seen the 1983, Claude Miller-directed French adaptation entitled "Mortelle radonnee." I do, however, have a fondness for the much-maligned later version, the one directed by Stephan ("Priscilla, Queen of the Desert") Elliott and starring Ashley Judd. A bit scatty around the edges, perhaps, but definitely fearless. Also contains lovely performances by Judd and the ever-trustable Genvieve Bujold.


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