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Date: 23 Jun 2003


Eye of the Beholder was published in 1980. It's Behm's only mystery, as far as I know. Maxim Jakubowski also put it out in one of the Zomba Black Box Thrillers along with Queen of the Night, a tale of Nazi Germany, and Ice Maiden, about a modern day female vampire. I haven't read either of the others, which is odd considering how much I thought of Eye of the Beholder. It was probably the first PI novel I read with an unreliable narrator (something Jakubowski used to great effect in his one PI novel, On Tenderness Express).

According to Jakubowski's intro, Eye started out as a film script, set in Madrid. However, when the film never got made, Behm relocated it in the US. In turn, that novel has been adapted into two films. As far as I know, the first, Mortelle Radonne, has never been released in the US. I'd like to see it. The second, the recent Eye of the Beholder is supposed to be pretty bad. I haven't seen it. Since Ashley Judd and Ewan MacGregor are roughly the same age, I'm guessing they completely dropped the father/daughter dynamic that is at the core of the book.

Behm was associated with some very successful films, including Charade and the Beatles' Help.


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