RARA-AVIS: Re:The Executioners/Cape Fear

From: Mark Troy ( metroy@tamu.edu)
Date: 13 Jun 2003

From the book and the two movies, you get three different endings. The book is gripping--Excellent JDM--but the ending is different than either of the two movies. I preferred the 1962 movie because of the performances of Peck and Mitchum. DeNiro is menacing in the 1991 remake, but Nolte is flat. The 1991 version does more with the adolescent sexuality of the daughter and prolongs the climactic fight with a different ending.

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> I've never read the original book, nor seen the 1991 remake that had
> Robert De Niro as Cady and Nick Nolte as the lawyer. I understand Mitchum
> and Peck have cameos. How is it? Is De Niro as menacing as Mitchum?
> Are the endings the same? In the 1962 version, the lawyer beats Cady in
> the climactic fight, but doesn't shoot him: he saves him for the police
> and for justice.

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