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Date: 27 May 2003

On 27 May 2003, Mark Sullivan wrote:

: While I agree with your general observations on mystery trends, do you
: really think all of the PBOs deglamorized criminals? Don't you think
: Earl Drake and Parker are perceived "cool"?

Parker is a supreme badass. He comes across very cool. If circumstances were such that he killed innocent people (which he does occasionally, but not often from what I've read, and never the innocents you mind seeing dead), he'd be over edge into crazy, and that's not glamorous.

From FLASHFIRE (2000), one of my favourite bits. Parker's just done a job and his partners aren't going to give him his cut, because they're using it to help fund another job.

| Carlson said, "You can count on us to pay you. I never stiffed
| another mechanic in my life."
| You're stiffing me now, Parker thought, but what was the point
| talking?
| The three exchanged glances, as though they thought there might
| be something more to say, and then Melander turned to Parker and
| spread his hands: "You know where we're going."
| "Palm Beach."
| "If we were hijackers, we'd kill you now."
| The only thing to do, thought Parker, and waited.
| Carlson said, "But that isn't our style."
| Then you're dead, Parker thought, and waited.

He's quiet, he's confident, he's in the know but outside society. He's cool.


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