Date: 14 May 2003


Re your comment below:

> I haven't read Michael Connelly's latest Harry Bosch
> book,
> but hasn't he now switched from third-person to
> first-person
> narration? I wonder when he'll decide it's to
> restrictive
> and go to a combination of first and third, or back
> to third
> entirely.

Connelly has always said that his greatest influence was Chandler. In some respects, Bosch always seemed like the kind of cop Marlowe might have been back in his official law enforcement days, but the traditional, or at least more common, narrative mode for police procedurals (Jack Webb and Jonathan Craig, notwithstanding) is third person.

Now that he's made Bosch a private eye, he may have decided to embrace the Chandler method more fully.

There is one Bosch story, set during his cop days, that Connelly released at roughly the same time A DARKNESS MORE THAN LIGHT came out, that Harry tells in the first person. It's the story of a case that is referred to by characters in ADMTL. I forget the title, but I recall that it was only available on Connelly's website.



If Bill will allow me one more non-hard-boiled digression, I was able to personally wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day last Sunday, although I wasn't able to travel to the Coast the see her personally.

That I had a mother to send a card and a present to, and to call up and speak to, rather than just a mother to remember, I attribute, to a large degree, to the prayers and support of my friends on this list when Mom was going through her medical crisis. Thanks again.


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