RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled Omnibus question

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 27 Feb 2003

I have the following information on Shaw's Hardboiled Omnibus. Can anyone tell me which stories are excluded from the paper- back?

"The Hard-Boiled Omnibus" edited by Joseph T. Shaw, Simon & Schuster, 1946.
(The 1st and greatest anthology. essential. Released as a paperback years many years later, missing some stories) Shaw, Joseph T, Introduction Des Ormeaux, J.J.(Forrest Rosaire) "The Devil Suit.", July 1932 Shay, Reuben Jennings "Taking His Time.", January 1931 Hammett, Dashiell "Fly Paper.", August 1929 Decolta, Ramon(Raoul Whitfield) "Death in the Pasig.", March 1930 Chandler, Raymond "The Man Who Liked Dogs.". March 1936 Davis, Norbert "Red Goose.", February 1934 Coxe, George Harmon "Murder Mixup.", May 1936 Cain, Paul (Peter Ruric) "Red 71.", December 1932 Whitfield, Raoul "Inside Job.", February 1932 Dent, Lester "Sail", October 1936 Booth, Charles G. "Sister Act.", February 1933 Walsh, Thomas "Best Man.", October 1934 Lybeck, Ed "Kick-Back.", January 1932 Torrey, Roger "Clean Sweep.", February 1934 Tinsley, Theodore "South Wind.", November 1932
"The Sleeping and the Dead", edited by August Derleth, ?. 1947 Wandrei, Howard "The Last Pin", February 1940"
  Thank you, miker

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